Environmental Policy

The following environmental policy is established by the General Manager considering the purpose and context of our organization and is communicated throughout our organization:

This policy statement encompasses the operational activities of Senior Aerospace Ketema. The top management for Senior Aerospace Ketema will undertake the enforcement of this Environmental Policy with the aim of achieving environment best management practices and stewardship.

Senior Aerospace Ketema is committed to the following:

  • Continually improve procedure and performance to maintain its ISO 14001:2015 Standard
  • Continually improve data collection and monitoring systems.
  • Raise environmental awareness amongst employees and knowledge of the environmental impacts of their operations with relevant training, support and equipment.
  • Minimize the generation of waste by implementing improved recycling, recovery and reuse of waste arising within the company.
  • Protection of the environment, compliance with all compliance obligations and the prevention of pollution.

The Environmental Policy will be regularly reviewed and available on Senior Ketema intranet and the lobby for all employees, customers, clients and the public to preview. It is the intention of Senior Aerospace Ketema to encourage all employees and suppliers working on behalf of the organization to support this Environmental Policy.


Robert Davey
General Manager